A Guide to Your Child’s Inheritance If They Divorce

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A Guide to Your Child’s Inheritance If They Divorce
I recently met with a client to update her will, and her big question was whether she still needs a trust for her daughter. Her child has graduated college, is on her second well-paying job, got married and is now a new mom …
What To Do Now To Avoid A Retirement Savings Tax Problem
If you are working with an eye towards retirement or even semi-retirement, you are probably (hopefully) saving more than you could …
How Will Divorce Affect Your Finances?
However, in many cases, the changes as part of a divorce are even more significant, and the number of steps you have to take is greater …
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The secret to getting the money you need for your business
Need money? Money for your small businesses is out there. Lots of it. There is even free money available to small businesses right now …
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Average Dog-Bite Insurance Claim Now Tops $50,000
In the year of “pandemic pets,” homeowners’ dog-bite injury claims fell overall, but the total cost of claims spiked to a record level …
When Are Taxes Due? Here’s Every IRS Deadline
If you usually find tax season stressful, this year may be even worse. Yes, you have an extra month to file federal income taxes, after …
Consumer prices surge by most since August 2012
Consumer prices rose in March at the fastest monthly pace in 8.5 years as the reopening of the economy picked up steam. The Labor Department …
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Criminals target Covid relief program that pays $9,000 in victims’ funeral costs
Criminals are targeting a new federal program that pays up to $9,000 in funeral costs for a loved one who died of Covid-19, the Federal …
How Taking Tax Deductions Can Cost You Money
Larry Light: How much is a tax deduction worth? Rick Kahler: Maybe less than your you believe. There are several common ways that over …
Medical Expenses Retirees (and Others) Can Deduct on Their Taxes
Individuals with big medical bills got a tax win in late 2020. Taxpayers who itemize on Schedule A can continue to deduct qualifying …
6 High-Paying Jobs With Low Education Requirements
If you’re ready to start your career or make a change from your current job, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money …

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