COVID-19 and Retirement Planning

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COVID-19 and Retirement Planning
For over a year, the global pandemic has delivered more than enough hardships to people of all walks of life. Not only are we concerned about our health, and that of family and loved ones, but the economic impacts of COVID-19 have …
Post-Pandemic Tips To Spruce Up Your Budget
The last 12 months have shown us anything but certainty. Across the U.S., the pandemic, social unrest, economic volatility and widespread …
The Average 30-Year Mortgage Rate Keeps Sliding
Mortgage rates are mixed today with rates for most loan categories higher than yesterday. The average rate on the popular 30-year fixed …
You may have to pay back some of the new $3,000 child tax credit
The IRS may start issuing monthly payments of the enhanced child tax credit as soon as July. But some recipients may have to pay back …
How to Estimate Your Social Security Benefits
The best way to estimate your Social Security benefits is to sign up for a my Social Security account. The Social Security Administration …
Where’s my tax refund? IRS holds nearly 30M tax returns for manual processing
The Internal Revenue Service is holding 29 million tax returns for manual processing, contributing to more refund delays than …
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The Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Inter Vivos Trusts
Within estate planning, individuals have a myriad of options for maintaining control over assets beyond the grave. A tool often …
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Business owners, have you ever wondered whether the IRS owes you money? Well, I am going to show you a couple of ways you could potentially …
The Simple Reason Your Tax Refund Is Lower Than Expected
If you received a tax refund that was smaller than you expected this year, chances are it’s not a random mistake. Rather, some paperwork …
Workers are a year into collecting unemployment benefits. It’s causing problems
It’s been about a year since millions of Americans filed for unemployment benefits in the early days of the Covid pandemic. That …
Is Your Financial Plan Flexible Enough?
One of my clients, a corporate executive for many years, recently made a major career decision: She decided to leave the corporate …

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