How Estate Tax Changes Could Affect You

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How Estate Tax Changes Could Affect You
You’ve probably been hearing about how the Biden administration wants to raise the 21% corporate tax rate and the 37% top income tax rate and 20% capital gains rate for the wealthiest Americans. But changes in the …
The Top Financial Mistakes for Young Couples to Avoid
Talking about money may not be the most romantic conversation, but it just may be one of the best things you can do for your relationship …
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Around 1 in 10 people have fallen victim to gift card scams, according to a survey from AARP, the advocacy group for older Americans …
The Pension Protection Act of 2006—And How It Still Helps Retirement
What’s included in the 394-page Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) that then-President George W. Bush called “the most sweeping …
A year after COVID, personal finances are not so grim for millions
A year into the coronavirus pandemic, Megan McClelland is surprised by how steadily her credit and finances have improved. “At first …
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Why Tax Refunds Are Taking Longer Than Usual
Wondering where your tax refund is? In its Covid-19 operations update, the Internal Revenue Service has added an explanation for why …
Getting Married? It Could Increase Your Student Loan Payments
Wedding invitations? Check. Marriage license? Check. See how tying the knot can affect your student loan payment… You probably didn’t …
Managing Money With An Ongoing Sickness Or Injury
The first avenue for most people facing illness, injury or sudden disability is going to be sick pay from your employer. Check your …
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How Retired Singles Can Safely Travel While Saving Money
Travel is one of the great luxuries of retirement, and the pandemic has been “a real wakeup call” for single tourists, says Janice …
Taxes and Investing: What First-Time Investors Need to Know About Filing Taxes
Investing is an excellent way to grow wealth, but it can also have implications for your taxes. As a first-time investor, it’s …
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Amended return may be needed to get refund on unemployment tax break
The IRS is automatically recalculating and refunding money to Americans who filed their tax returns without claiming a new tax break …

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