Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

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Maximize Your Social Security Benefits
It has been 81 years since the first-ever Social Security check was issued to Miss Ida May Fuller, a retired teacher and legal secretary, in the amount of $22.54. According to the Social Security Administration, she paid …
With Money, What You Do Matters More Than What You Know
As a financial planner and retirement podcast host, I regularly engage with a lot of money experts. I’ve interviewed hedge fund managers …

Does Student Loan Debt Affect Your Credit Score?
If you’re one of the roughly 44 million Americans who have student loan debt, there’s a strong chance that student loans were your first …
More credit report errors are cropping up during COVID-19. Here’s how to fix a mistake
Equifax, TransUnion and Experian — the big three of credit reporting agencies — announced this week that they’re going to continue allowing …
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401(k) Options When You Leave Your Job
For many people, their 401(k) plan is their primary retirement savings vehicle. When you leave your job it’s critical that you have a …
Investor Junkie
Credit card borrowing falls to lowest in level in 4 years
Borrowing by Americans fell in January for the first time in five months, as the use of credit cards fell to the lowest level in four …
ABC News
3 Ways To Grab Big Gains From The $2-Trillion Stimulus Package
There’s $2 trillion in cash headed straight into the US economy, and today we’re going to grab a share, both in the form of price gains …
Tax Deductions That Went Away, Starting With 2018 Taxes
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA) was signed into law in 2017. The act nearly doubled the standard deduction and eliminated or limited …
‘Hidden’ Assets You’ll Need to Account for in Divorce
The house. The bank accounts. The retirement funds. For those going through divorce, these are the usual suspects when it comes to the …
IRS tax season 2021: 9 costly mistakes to avoid
Tax season is in full swing. And if you’re tempted to rush through your returns, be careful not to make sloppy mistakes or you could …
USA Today
How Much House Can I Afford?
It’s true — rates hit 14 record lows in 2020. But with this have come more stringent vetting measures, with banks demanding higher …

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