Proactive Moves for the Wealthy

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Proactive Moves for the Wealthy
Recently proposed tax law changes will, if enacted, significantly alter the tax and estate planning landscape for high-net-worth individuals. While the final form these proposals take is far from certain, persons of wealth …
Steps to Retire as a Millionaire
Having a million-dollar portfolio is a retirement dream for many people. Making that dream come true requires some serious effort …
7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Right Now
A good credit score makes a big difference in your financial life. A strong score helps you get better interest rates on all kinds …
Fewer working-age people may slow economy. Will it lift pay?
As America’s job market rebounds this summer and the need for workers intensifies, employers won’t likely have a chance to relax anytime …
ABC News
For many jobs, signing bonuses of $1,000 – and up – are the new norm
Signing bonuses are usually reserved for professional athletes and a privileged few white-collar professionals. Not this summer. As …
Fox Business
Making The Most Of Our Money Mishaps
Perfection in financial planning is impossible and its pursuit may actually be counterproductive. It may be better said …
Student loan bills are set to restart but another extension is still possible
It’s now been more than a year that borrowers haven’t had to make a payment on their federal student loans. That break is currently …
Can’t Pay Your Bills? Now What?
What happens when you can’t pay your monthly bills? Keeping up with them is challenging enough if you live paycheck to paycheck. It can …

Building of Hoover Dam Begins
Construction of the Hoover Dam begins. Over the next five years, a total of 21,000 men would work ceaselessly to produce what would be the largest dam of its time.
The day was Jul 7. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
“Being an entrepreneur means the ability to think out of the box by putting away our fear of any risk, including financial.”
What are the only states that accept the penny in toll booths?
See the answer below.
Trivia Answer
What are the only states that accept the penny in toll booths?
Answer: Illinois and New Jersey

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