You May Be Asking the Wrong Financial Questions

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You May Be Asking the Wrong Financial Questions
As a financial planner, it’s my job to answer financial questions. From clients to speaking engagements to educational workshops, people ask me a range of questions about personal finance and the best moves to make with …
How The Pandemic Actually Increased Financial Literacy
It began as an extended snow day and quickly accelerated to a nation-wide shutdown with no end in sight. With markets falling in a tailspin …

What to know about tax credits in the American Rescue Plan
Many Americans will pocket some extra money this year and next courtesy of changes the American Rescue Plan made to a handful …
Even with pretax profits, many big companies pay zero US tax
Just as President Joe Biden is pushing to raise taxes on companies to help pay for his infrastructure plan, a report from a Washington …
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What Is An RESP And What Can It Be Used For?
Education is one of the best ways to secure a future, but it is also quite expensive. Those who have wondered how they’re going to …
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How Family Caregivers Can Avoid Money Catastrophes
How big a financial toll can family caregiving take? Well, Amy Goyer, who is AARP’s family and caregiving expert, says the costs of caring …
What Will Social Security Look Like When Millennials Retire?
Millennials have got a lot to worry about: climate change, a possible wine shortage, whether the new Percy Jackson TV series will do …
Did you lose your job in 2020? You may be eligible for extra stimulus money
Did you just get surprised by a little extra stimulus cash in your bank account? The Internal Revenue Service said late Thursday that …
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Housing market thirsty for inventory, mortgage applications fall
Demand for mortgage applications fell 2.2% in the past week, according to the Mortgage Banker’s Association’s latest survey. A …
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7 Reasons You Haven’t Received Your Tax Refund
If you’ve filed your taxes for the year, you may be wondering how soon your refund will be arriving—especially if you have big plans …
Turning 60? Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions
The average American plans to retire in their late 60s. If you’re within five to 10 years of your target retirement age, it’s important …

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