About Us


Brooks Entertainment Incorporated, D. B. A. Brooks Financial & Entertainment Consultants was created by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Shon Brooks. Our telephone number and mailing address is (619) 575-0242 P.0. Box 181205 Coronado, CA 92178.

Being the number one leader in financial services, we specialize in wealth preservation and estate planning for lottery winners, entertainers, teachers, athletes, corporations, and striving individuals.


Biography of Founder

Shon Brooks is a San Diego native that grew up in southern New Jersey. He never was a sophomore in high school. Shon skipped from the 9th to the 11th grade. He graduated at Princeton from the School of Thomas Edison State University in New Jersey. As the number one top achiever in the nation in financial services, he enjoys enriching the lives and financial souls of all America.

“Being the founder of Brooks Financial & Entertainment Consultants gives me the opportunity to help people build their financial empire safely.”

Shon is committed and dedicated to building character for tomorrows leaders and has made a pledge to making a difference in many communities across the globe. Leading by example is very essential in making a positive impact in ones life.

Apart from his daily executive duties, he gives back to the community by empowering youth and helping students build self esteem. This may include being a mentor or a big brother, motivationally talking to kids and promoting literacy. “Reading is very instrumental to being ready for success”.

Shon has plenty of experience building wealth for individuals and making their lives more financially favorable. In his spare time he enjoys reading, working out, golf, traveling, spending time with family, understanding the Word, and listening to a good sermon.